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SmartDreamers for publishers

A new revenue stream for your website
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SmartDreamers for publishers
By installing the SmartDreamers Publishers Extension in your website, companies will be able to post jobs at the price you set and visitors will be able to apply to the posted jobs. In addition, you will become a SmartDreamers partner and over 3,000 companies will find you in our partners list.
The recruitment market increases by over 20% each year. It is time for your website to generate revenue from job posting. Publishers like The New York Times, BBC, The Economist and others generate money from job posting. How about your website?
SmartDreamers for publishers
We have developed an application that is easy to instal, customise, and offers the best experience for companies that will post jobs on your website as well as for candidates who will apply to jobs.
Easy to instal
Optimal UX
Over 3.000 companies could post jobs to your website
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